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60th year for the arms factories of the USSR were a period of searching for new schemes of automatic weapons, which would allow us at times to increase the firepower. At the same time the designer Herman A. Korobov created a series of machines under the symbol TCB-022 (see photo). In this post you will learn about the triple-"3B" Korobov, a double-barreled rocket launchers and machine a few unusual specimens hand weapons.

If the appearance of TKB-022 number 1 - a bit like the bullpup layout, the later model - TKB-022PM clearly belongs to this scheme.

In addition to the compact dimensions of the machine TKB-022PM has a very advanced at that time decisions - the plastic casing and the release of spent cartridges and the withdrawal of powder gases forward at the muzzle of the gun, which can fire as the right and left shoulder.

Automatic TKB-022PM used the vapor-automatic ring gas piston located around the barrel.

The design of the TKB-022PM Locking barrel provided a sliding vertical wedges, on the one hand possible to minimize the length of the receiver, and the other - required the introduction of additional details - loading rod / extractor. This U-shaped part movable in a horizontal plane forward or backward, is responsible for chambering the cartridge in the chamber, the extraction from the trunk cartridge cases and chambering the liner outputting tube above the barrel through which the liner enters the front part of the weapon and there already falls outside from the bottom flies.
Fuse-translator fire mode is located on the left above the pistol grip fire control. To power the TKB-022PM use standard ammunition stores by 30 bullets from a Kalashnikov, is mounted directly in front zatylnikom.Otkrytye sights TKB-022 PM - adjustable. The length of the sighting was relatively small.

The design was provided the opportunity to block the gas outlet for firing rifle grenades.

In 1962, on the basis of TKB-022 PM Herman Korobov designs, perhaps the most original their weapons appearing in the documents as "7, 62-mm triple-device for burst shooting, model 3B».

The device 3B - a fire monitors with automatic weapons recoil type. As in the TKB-022PM it is provided with wedges. Breaking the capsule is carried out long stroke drummer vzvodimogo at the mobile system. One of the main design features of the machine - the system reload, providing an overall length of barrel unit, almost equal to the length of the barrel and the cartridge.

Ejector provides extraction, throwing shells, chambering the next cartridge into the chamber. Conclusion spent cartridges and waste gas is carried forward to the muzzle barrels.

The concept of weapons is based on the so-called "ultra-fast turn" in which the return of the shots has no time to deflect the barrel, to achieve high accuracy of fire. Tree trunk on a single machine provides salvo firing, the rate of 1400-1800 rounds per minute.

During the test instrument 3B yielded significant improvement in the accuracy of the battle, especially when firing from unstable positions. GA Korobov was able to reduce the impact to an acceptable, comfortable level for the shooter.

The design of the device-3B of the few details have been borrowed from the Kalashnikov, which significantly simplify and speed up development.

In the future, GA Korobov based machines ST and TKB-022 PM created a new model - "7, 62 mm trёhstvolny volley machine TKB-059." The main difference is it different from "Devices 3B" is to improve the mass-dimensional tactical and technical performance by the mining technology and changes in individual units of weapons.

Just as in the case with the previous model tests TKB-059 showed a significant increase in the accuracy of fire.

Pistol grip TKB-059, a single store and rib machine. Well visible handle cocking the shutter.

Today is difficult to assess how seriously the prospects of such weapons in the Soviet Union (known for at least about one such domestic development - AO-63). Around the same time, similar patterns developed and tested in the United States (the program SALVO) and even Australia (chetyrehstvolny Gordon CSWS).

It would seem that this would be to put an end, but the exhibition EUROSATORY-2012 Israeli firm Silver Shadow showed its automatic double-barreled rocket launchers.

Assault Rifle Gilboa Snake - can be done in different calibers, but the basic version is the version of the gauge 5, 56 x 45 mm. It is based on a shortened version of assault rifle «Gilboa Commando» and has expanded the receiver. C box connected two barrel length of 241 mm, arranged in parallel at a distance of 30 mm from each other. Rifle shooting from open bolt.

Manages both barrels firing a single trigger mechanism, shall be held alternately ignite the primer cartridge in the chamber barrel. Therefore the bullet leave the barrel of the left and right rather than simultaneously, sequentially, with a very short, but the fixed time delay. First shot is made from the trunk of the left, and then - from the right. Exhaust system - a classic piston, c two independent pistons. The trigger mechanism is to be maintained as a single (two shots), and automatic fire. Trunks Gilboa Snake equipped with high muzzle brake cell type needed to absorb the increased recoil.

Power ammunition made of connected pairs of standard stores. The rest of the two-barrel rifle inherited family traits of their basic family Gilboa.

Gilboa Snake was created by Israeli special forces on request as a relatively compact weapon with high firepower. According to designers, dual shot significantly increases the probability of breaking through obstacles such as bulletproof glass or metal plate personal body armor. At the same time it has a high density of fire Gilboa Snake can be the alternative to a manual machine gun.

AF2011-A1. Released by Second Century after century, the famous pistol Colt 1911. Rather a gimmick than anything like a promising weapon.

If the development of Silver Shadow will demand it creates an interesting precedent, as the below comparison of performance suggests that, despite its venerable age, constructed by Mr. Korobov TKB-059, on a number of parameters exceeds the Israeli development.



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