Behind the scenes

Quite a bit left before beloved by all Russians holiday. On the TV broadcast thematic programs in theaters and circuses organize New Year's. Author of the post was able to look behind the scenes of one of these representations. At all rehearsals and training of artists I was not able to go, but saw preparing for the performance acrobats.

The first exercise - it is necessary with this swing to jump on the white sheet. Jump was pretty much all you need to hone your movement to automaticity.

Some sit in the air on the string.

Or represent yourself as a diver.

This is how it looks from the outside.

WHAM !!!

And again, and again many times.

Girls love to do a somersault.

The guys at the edges firmly hold the ropes, insurance at acrobats reliable.

Once again, take a look in slow motion.

Corridors of Circus Arts Center, where the rehearsal hung with paintings on the theme of the circus.

Does anyone know who is the artist? Although it is possible picture painted pupils of art schools.

Or students.

One exercise rehearsed, you can remove mats and prepare other projectiles.

Acrobats while relaxing some of these young mothers.

Stairway to the dome, who dares to climb?

And now exercises with hoops at a height.

Other actors rehearse the next number.

And now dancing at a height.

Took a couple of weeks, that day came the dress rehearsal, installation of equipment and decorations. The show will take place at the sports complex "Olympic».

Stagehand check the reliability of fastening of a cable, for that, he shoots up to such a contraption.

By a show about a third of the area allocated to the sports complex, the rest looks like.

Let's see what happens behind the scenes.

Masters around the world are testing their equipment.

Here are working to make a fairy tale come true, at least for the two hours that will be held the show.

The most important place throughout the event.

But someone came in elegant gowns. Is Freddie Mercury? While there, he wore a royal mantle.

And this is Santa Claus himself! Came personally to check how ready the scene for the show.

The workers at this time working hard, because the show will take place in a couple of days.

While Santa Claus posing for a photo shoot, the workers used instead of a piece of iron rebar level.

Acrobats warm up.

Decorations are screwed.

So now you know what it looks like the coat of arms of Santa Claus.

Throne Santa Claus, Santa Claus coolers, he is ready for any eventuality.

And here is his vehicle clean by the way, without DIC, almost like Tesla!

The facade of the castle for the next twists and glued.

And so many suitcases with the equipment here were involved even hard for me to say.

Chief choreographer acrobats says something fascinating.

And this guy will soon turn into ...

it is not clear what kind of image, whether the main enemy ninja turtles Schroeder, or Darth Vader overgrown.

Some choreographers work with Cirque du Soleil.

Waiting for their princes princesses.

Meanwhile, Santa Claus gives interviews, answers to questions online.

That day came submission.

Actors and spectators are busy with their chores.

Lord, a pirate and a sleeping cop.

You already know the word «selfie»? This is what these people in the photo.

We ask children what they want for the new year.

The Princess and the cloakroom. The best shot in this report.

Meanwhile, in the auditorium. Without cotton candy and fresh popcorn impossible to survive those two hours.

The show is in full swing.

So many things were are mixed in this view (as well as in similar shows). Here, for example, Baron Munchausen arrives at the nucleus.

Tormented animal red rag.

Well, Dr. Aibolit with their pets, as without it?

Everyone is dancing, everyone is happy.

The show is over, good defeat evil, we can relax a little. Another funny picture. Look at the reaction of my aunts in the background.


Well, a souvenir photo with Santa Claus.




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