How to get the most out of your mileage log in 2022

If you are reading this article it surely means you already know you are obliged to complete a mileage log book for the purposes of mileage reimbursement from your employer. Or you are the employer yourself, and your drivers need to do tracking mileage for taxes. You both may want to know how to get the most out of your mileage log in 2022. Let' find out.

Why keep a mileage log?

The task of completing a mileage log book belongs to all employees that drive their personal cars for business purposes, or drive a company car, as well as to small business owners, and even those self-employed. 
Tracking mileage for taxes is performed in order to achieve mileage reimbursement, simply saying the return of all vehicle-related business expenses. The mileage log for IRS must obey certain rules, which are related to the details that must be present in each simple mileage log (dates of trips, destination, purposes, number of miles driven, and odometer readings). 

How to keep track of mileage for taxes

There are a number of options to be used for tracking mileage for taxes in a simple way, yet differing in effectiveness and time required to complete the log.
The most archaic and time-consuming option of paper-pen simple mileage log should already be forgotten due to the number of other, more effective options.
One of those options may be using Google Sheets, which has some functions available to make your job easier. You may even download a Google sheet template, which is a fully IRS-approved mileage log.
However, the most automated option, giving you a vast amount of useful functions is an IRS-compliant a mileage log app.

What features you’ll need in a mileage tracker app

To get the most out of a mileage tracker app, you will surely need some options to make your job easy and effective.
  • an IRS-compliant mileage log,
  • a built-in auditor, able to track logical conflicts
  • a standard mileage rates 
  • a shared dashboard in case a bigger number of drivers had to use the app,
  • possibility of getting back any missing log details, which an app will retrospectively recreate, based on your previous trips,
  • a vehicle-client pairing option.

Google Timeline to an IRS-approved mileage log

Using Google Timeline itself for tracking mileage for taxes is not possible, but there is a solution to the problem. A MileageWise is the only company in the world that offers the possibility of importing trips from Google Timeline to the mileage tracking app. The number of trips that can be imported is up to 500. 

Mileage log preparation service

How to keep track of mileage for taxes? With a mileage tracker app from MileageWise, you are able to prepare all details for mileage reimbursement with ease. It’s enough to enter all required data (trips, destinations, odometer readings, purposes of the trip), and everything will be done for you with mileage log experts, accompanied by the software. It’s a great opportunity for a full IRS-compliant mileage log, without any logical conflicts.