A list of useful grocery stocks that are profitable to buy in large portions

Stocks of certain products that do not lose their useful properties for at least 2 weeks will allow you to cook delicious dishes at any time. The products are stored for a long time at home and will always be there.

Before you go to the market, for example meijer weekly ads, analyze:

  • What do you eat regularly and what does your diet consist of? What portion size do you need per person?
  • How often do you eat at home and/or carry food with you?

Make a shopping list based on these conditions.

1. The leaders in the world of grocery products — flour and pasta

You can cook a lot of interesting dishes from flour, so it is usually consumed quickly. Pasta is a classic for a side dish and a main dishes. These products should be stored in ventilated, but very dry kitchen lockers.

2. Salt is an indispensable product for cooks

This component will make any dish delicious and is actively consumed. It is also actively used in preservation and for the cooking of sauces.

3. Seeds and oily nuts

This type of grocery product has several advantages:
  • High nutritional value,
  • Light weight, so you can take nuts with you on a picnic,
  • Versatility: seeds and nuts can be added to salads, pasta and many other healthy dishes.

It makes sense to buy this type of food in a large portion.

4. Spices

It would be nice to have spices just in case, as they transform dishes both in terms of aesthetics and taste. Cooks advise not to buy granulated seasonings mixtures, but raw ingredients and grind them yourself, in a mortar.

5. Canned vegetables

Tomatoes have the most vivid taste. Tomatoes can be used to make a lot of healthy snacks. You should also stock up on canned tomato paste. Follow the discounts to buy cheap:https://www.meijer.com/

6. Anchovies in oil

Canned anchovy products have a very long shelf life, and are able to make a simple mayonnaise or sauce a culinary masterpiece.

7. Oat flakes

The oat flakes for breakfast preparation can be stored for months if they are stored in a tight carton and insects don't live in them. Sugar-free flakes have almost no taste, but they will be an excellent basis for making sweet or salty porridges.

8. Powdered milk or a mixture

It is better to buy skimmed milk powder, as it has a long shelf life. It can be used to make pie, pudding, and generally any pastries and desserts. And also add to coffee.

9. Gelatin

Sticky candies and puddings that are sold in the store are very harmful because of the abundance of sugar. It is better to buy gelatin in a pack to cook protein, dietary and delicious desserts at home on your own.

The preparations described above will allow you to cook cool dietary dishes in five minutes. You don't have to go shopping every day.