Pictures in a modern interior

Interior design using paintings is not a new idea. The fashion for paintings comes in waves, and each wave brings its own trends and design nuances. The grandmothers hung reproductions in rich frames under the classics, not so long ago there was a fashion for modular paintings, today their main duty is to blend in harmoniously with the interior.

The number and format of paintings

Paintings like flowers, having bought one, after some time the owner risks filling the whole house with them. Therefore, the choice must be approached consciously, to think in advance how many and what kind of paintings will hang on the walls.

Large pictures are not recommended to hang in small rooms, they visually eat up the space. The same with non-standard sizes. Narrow tall paintings will look good on high stairs, and they will bring the low ceiling closer to the floor. One large-format picture can emphasize zoning by placing it above the sofa or near the dining area. To do this, it is necessary to determine the boundaries of the required zone along the nearest wall and hang the picture clearly in the middle.

Small pictures, hanging on one wall, need to be united by some common motive. It can be the same size, the same color of frames, one subject of images. There are a lot of ready-made schemes for arranging pictures on the Internet. You can choose any one you like.

Theme paintings and the choice of walls

Consider the presence of paintings in the house preferably at the stage of repair. Today you can draw one of the walls with bright textured wallpaper with a pattern. As a rule, it is the most open wall, i.e. the one that is best placed on the pictures. But the color of the wallpaper and paint of such a wall should be as neutral as possible. That is, the emphasis should be done either paintings or wallpaper. Otherwise, a vinaigrette will turn out, and everything will merge into one shapeless mass. If the paintings are made in oil, they must be protected from sunlight.
Choose shady parts of the room or close the windows with thicker curtains. When making paintings in frames, it will be more practical to place them all under glass. So the dust will not spoil the work, and it is the glass that is to be chosen, because cheaper plastic is easily scratched, dims and turns yellow with time in the light.
The theme of the paintings is, of course, a purely personal matter of everyone. But in order for it not to fall out of the interior, the themes should correspond to the general style of the house. Images of megacities and abstractions are suitable for loft and hi-tech. Classics best fit copies of famous landscape painters and portrait painters like Shishkin, Levitan. Aivazovsky. It is recommended to avoid disturbing motives in the subject of paintings.
The paintings are able to revive the old interior and complement the fresh renovation. They should be placed at eye level, so they will not go unnoticed. Their versatility is that you can decorate not only the living room or bedroom, but also kitchens, corridors. In dark places for paintings, you can arrange the lights, and they will be additional sources of light. For all the centuries that there are pictures, they have not lost their originality, which they bring to the interior.
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