Autumn was cold was, the birds stopped pecking ...

I am going once home. Looking down the standard because the bottom at this time every year, can lie, and jackboots once again wash lazily. The mood is consistent with seasonal and communal realities of our Gryazburga.
I see - lying in a pool for a small, dirty, shivering. Foot moved - like chick is even alive, although on the brink. I generally compassionate man and the death of all creatures'm just - natural selection ...

But then I do not know, that has found. From himself did not expect. I picked up and brought home. Head to think that die because knew - had fallen out of the nest almost never survive, and feeding of - a wild hemorrhoids. In a word - end does not justify the means.

But the job is done, the responsibility is accepted and it is now just throw the body, which is heated by the heat of my hands - is to betray. Such is the moral and ethical popandos.

Leaving a small chick, even such a simple rock, like a sparrow - oherenny task is not simple, especially in the first month.

At first I had to run to the shops and vet. pharmacies in search of different garbage with the unpronounceable name, which is then compiled grub, in the preparation of which my wife and I felt the disciples of Walter White.

Feed from the pipette every 30 minutes. Support and monitor the temperature increased in the box with the help of a desk lamp. He examines his shit, trying to understand - everything was in order with digestion. In short, this parasite pecked my brain, nerves, normal sleep and normal life, for which he was named Focke Wulf.

After some time, it zhyvotnyh moved out of the box in a comfortable cell and eventually first started to eat, and then drink alone, as a result of going almost full autonomy - every 2 days to change the water and food, once a month, I clean the cage.

Once I tried to roll to his cat, with a completely obvious target, but was brutally otpi * ene klyuvnye nose and now cautiously bypasses. Have you ever seen attacking a sparrow? It looks awesome! Name justified by 100%!

Now this fascist always sits on my shoulder - hell runs, looks like I'm on the buttons dolblyu sometimes beak touches the ear.

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