The park flora and fauna

The park flora and fauna "Swarms creek" two pairs Viverra were young. These carnivorous mammals are found in subtropical and tropical countries in Africa and Asia. These animals are remarkable in that the grain passed through their digestive tracts are collected and obzharivaya, cook them one of the most expensive and rare in the world of coffee - Kopi Luwak. Three cubs were born Aug. 25, live in a cage with his mother named Annabelle. Young gave birth to a female ton on October 27 but gave up his only child, entrust it to zoologists.

Anabel then gave up the first two litters. Nursed artificially exotic baby was not so easy: the literature on feeding Viverra did not help, zoologists' Swarm stream "tried to give the kids a special dry concentrated cat and dog milk, but most of all approached the cow, which is produced in the Park from the cow Daughters. < br />

Now Annabel realized his destiny and has been feeding and raising their young herself. Three of her children are already almost completely grown up, but to walk out of the house only at night, preferring to sleep during the day near by doting mothers.

The little female, who are bottle-fed, lives in Brudere - a special device for newborn animals, similar to the one used for babies. In Brudere temperature is maintained at 32-34 ° C. The food is a little Viverra cow's milk with added calcium every 4 hours, feeding bottle used for puppies.

Viverra born completely helpless, blind and deaf, they have eyes begin to open during the second week of life. A small Viverra in "swarms creek" recently opened his eyes, and now the baby, rocking awkwardly on more weak feet, exploring the world around us.




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