The new island in Japan

As a result of the eruption of an underwater volcano to the south of Tokyo, a new island. The eruption lasted about two days, and the earthquake has had time to touch on 30 islands. Scientists suggest that a new island in the future be used as a platform for the equipment that is the search of mineral and energy resources. Japan. 20 November. During the eruption of an underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean.

The diameter of the land area was 200 meters, height - 20 meters above sea level. His birth was able to capture on video the employees of the Meteorological Agency of the country. In the area of ​​neoplasms was observed a column of ash height of about 600 meters.

New Island is located near the Nishinoshimy - small uninhabited islands in the ridge of the Ogasawara (Bonin is known as the subtitle). It consists of about 30 islands, located 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo.

The area where the Ogasawara Islands, known for its seismic activity. Actually, the guards discovered the island for this very reason - they noticed thick smoke erupting volcano.

According to scientists, to come up with the name of the name of the island is still too early: often they are immersed as suddenly as occur.

But the government has reacted to what was happening, saying that if the island still formed, Japan claims to expand its territorial waters.




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