28-year-old Ross Edzheli

Young athlete Ross Edzheli decided to hold a very extreme and very dangerous for the life of the experiment. He tried to lose 11 kg per day. Its main goal was to lose the maximum amount of liquid.

Warning! This experiment was carried out under the scrutiny of physicians, do not try to repeat it. His experiment, he began to receive very hot salt bath and use a small amount of water with diuretics (vitamin C, dandelion root, caffeine). Edzheli noted that it is completely excluded from the 24-hour salt diet because it retains water in the body and, as a consequence, leads to the formation of edema. Later, the man went to the sauna, and then went to the gym.

Doing all of these procedures, Edzheli managed to lose 11 kg, while maintaining a cheerful mood. However, Ross admitted that his method proved dangerous and unpleasant.

"10:30 am: I'm going to lose 24 pounds of fluid, but for that I need something more than to forget at home with a bottle of water. So I start my day with the adoption of scalding bath with salt and drink a cup of diuretics to my body do not try to hold water.

2pm: I drag my tired body to the gym and leave it on the treadmill for 45 minutes. Usually I enjoy going to the gym, but those were the worst 45 minutes of my life.

2 pm - 6 pm: I will not lie - at that time it was pretty boring. I ate "baby food" - steak without seasoning.

6:30 pm: A few sips of water and lettuce.

7:30 pm: visit the gym for the last time. I feel amazingly fun since received 150 mg of caffeine to stimulate and additional diuretic effect. After 30 minutes on the treadmill I had to press the red emergency stop button and slowly moved to the sauna.

9:00 pm: I get up on the scales and see that I did it - he lost 24 pounds! Wasting no time, I grab underwear and running to the bag in which the 4-liter bottle of water with vitamins and electrolytes "- briefly described his method of 28-year-old athlete.

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