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< Alla Bogolepova

My friend Lena always called cool. In twenty years, she earned more than the Pope-engineer and went to rest abroad. In twenty-five bought a car. In the beginning of the thirty look flat - yes, a mortgage, yes, on the outskirts, but a large and their own. Married Lena did not seek: the ideal is not met, a "beer belly on the couch," she did not want. Most of Lenin's a Wonderful Life hit her dad: how can a secretary, even with fluent English, making such denzhischi? Not a secretary and personal assistant to the chief of a large foreign company, do not hurt Lena and dad bought the cottage next cultivator.
A year ago, foreign companies have realized that the crisis is not my aunt, it's time to save. Found that a large foreign head of state it is in his own substitute a cup under the nozzle of the coffee maker, meet the family who arrived from Boston, and pick up their costumes from the laundry. Lena fired.

Now she is sitting at home and watching "Downton Abbey." The money that paid on the occasion of dismissal Lena law-abiding foreign company has long eaten. The car is sold. An expert in an expensive beauty salon, which Lena regularly attended the last ten years, set to standby mode. Not that Lena could not find a job, but only ride for thirty thousand in Vyhino - this is for Lena's like marrying a "beer belly on the couch." Unworthy and even defeatism.

The last twenty years of the current generation of thirty-year life has described the results of his parents' expression "do not fit into the market." Condescendingly said that, left without work in the 90s, my father, an engineer failed to dig in the ruins of the Soviet Union great opportunities. Breastfed inexpensive car loans and cheap Turkish hotel "all inclusive", office clerks with a vague education and profession of the "Creator PR direction for corporate clients" and had no idea that someday repeat the fate of "nevpisavshegosya" generation.

Well, the time has come. Along with the widespread spending cuts is gaining momentum a new social trend: I'm too good for the job. The hero of our time is not a young opposition progressive western views. The hero of our time - is 35-year-old manager with a degree in economics and fluent in English, which lies more or less minimalist couch and shakes "Game of Thrones" in the original. The assets had a confused post-Soviet high school diploma, years of work on even less coherent work in a rich and ambitions of Donald Trump. The manager, who was laid off, looks sluggish supply in the relevant sites and closes the ones that seem to him to "step back". Manager waits.

He, as once his parents, refuses to believe that his time has passed. That he does not need anyone else. Looking for plasterers, babysitting, car mechanics. And he - no. "Everyone is now trying to attach his - sadly sighs Lena. - Those who are in the 90s earned money, grown children ยป.

No, dear, "manager", the children have nothing to do with it. Just someone who earned a 90th in the two thousandth finally learned to count money. And do not want and can not maintain an army incapable of parasites, which are easy to replace a powerful computer and a truly professional staff.

Office plankton dies as a class. Slowly dying waiting for a miracle - a high paying job, where you can not work. Go to a mechanic? I, Russian State Humanitarian University graduate, ten years to work in public relations? Never. Better to die on the couch than to live in the service station.

And would this kind of dramatic beauty, perfection turns historical spiral. If it were not for one "but". When no work left our parents' generation, hydroelectric power began to crumble and fall of the rocket. A care "Creator" and no one will notice. Except themselves, which twenty years of successful children - and the crisis ever end! - Condescendingly say, you just do not fit into the market.
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