Pants against skirts

Today is a great day for France. Believe - is still acting a law prohibiting the ladies to wear pants. And this is not in any Swaziland, where women are forbidden to wear clothes, whatever in any way resembles the male. If a woman see in the pants, the soldiers have the right to disrupt them with her in front of everyone. And here - Europe, the center of fashion, after all. Civilization. True, this law has long been actually "beat". And first it did not anyone anyhow, and Coco Chanel. But on paper ridiculous ban remained. And now with the filing of the Minister of Women France Najat Belkacem Vallo, which stated that the law contradicts the principles of the equality of men and women in the Constitution, it was canceled.
By the way, Roman men would be good to follow suit. And they still wear skirts prohibited discrimination, however. Yankees general for a separate conversation. They've got clothes-legal marasmus - almost every shtate.Tak in Carmel (state Hyu York), any man, who had put on trousers and jacket in different colors, fined $ 500 (4000 USD). In Hogales District (Arizona) men is forbidden to use braces. A Wisconsin woman in red can be arrested. In general, frolicking lawmakers to complete. How many fancy enough.
And Frenchwomen congratulations. Wear quietly.


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