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Re-examining at leisure franchise "X-Men", which brought worldwide fame, Hugh Jackman, I thought, and in fact there was someone else who auditioned for the role of "Wolverine" and perhaps even abandoned it miss a multimillion-dollar fees, and worldwide fame.

Indeed, the role of the initially approved Dugreya Scott. You know who Dougray Scott? I did not know until I made inquiries on the internet. It turned out that the actor starred in "Desperate Housewives" in the role of Jena - one of the beloved Susan Meyer. Dougray remained actor series, and Hugh Jackman got everything ... and advertising iced tea «Lipton».

The script of "Titanic" James Cameron was written by Gwyneth Paltrow, but the actress turned down the role, without knowing what success she could bring her. And I am happy that everything turned out that way - do not represent "dead" as a desperate Gwyneth Roses. A Rose is known to have played Kate Winslet.

Generally Winslet lucky to intercept successful roles. For example, the main role in the film "The Reader" was written for Nicole Kidman, but suddenly the actress was pregnant, and her place was taken by Kate, for which he received the coveted "Oscar" (the sixth attempt).

Daryl Hannah refused to starring in my favorite "Pretty Woman." The actress felt that the film degrades the dignity of women. The story is known to all: the film made from film star Julia Roberts and Daryl defended his point of view, but never reached such heights as Julia.

But most Roberts happened to abandon promising roles. For example, the movie "The Blind Side" and "Shakespeare in Love", starring Sandra Bullock who played and Gwyneth Paltrow, respectively, brought their performer for "Oscar". And they were written specifically for Julie, who refused roles in favor of other projects.

With the "Oscar" have flown by and Sean Connery, Jeremy Irons, Gene Hackman, abandoning the role of Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs." Although hardly any of them, he got the role, I would be able to play it as brilliantly as amazing Anthony Hopkins.

Gendolfa role to which we are so accustomed by Ian McKellen, Sean Connery could play, but he refused, explaining that he had not read Tolkien and did not understand the script. Of course, the glory of the sexiest Bond of all time is not reduced, but 400 million. Dollars for the "Lord of the Rings" were clearly not redundant in a purse Connery.

Imagine John Travolta in the image of Forrest Gump? I do not, and in fact the role was offered to him. But our joy, John chose the role in "Pulp Fiction" and played it so well, that was nominated for "Oscar". But the reward is still moved Tom Hanks for the same "Forrest Gump».

If everything turned out differently, Neo would be black because the producers were hoping to get into their "Matrix" Will Smith. But Will did not see in sci-fi thriller that became a cult multi-million dollar blockbuster potential.

"Basic Instinct" is inextricably linked with the name Sharon Stone (still, one has only to recall the moment of throwing a leg). But the film could make a name Kelly Lynch. As you do not know who this Kelly Lynch ?!

Bruce Willis turned down the role in the Oscar-winning melodrama Ghost "Ghost", arguing that such a role tarnished his image of a tough guy. For the role took Patrick Swayze and his partner was the then wife of Willis Demi Moore. Nine years later, ironically, Bruce still played a ghost - in "The Sixth Sense».

It's hard to believe, but a candidate for the title role in "The Wrestler" was Nicolas Cage, but he refused, citing the fact that he could not in the short term to dial the desired shape. A professional boxer Mickey Rourke and so was in shape and perfect fit for the role. Moreover, "The Wrestler," Rourke brought the "Golden Globe" award BAFTA nomination for "Oscar" and a chance to finally return to the great movie.

Producers of "James Bond" was offered the role of 007 Cary Grant, but the actor refused, because he did not want to be tied to the serial movie. The role of the departed Sean Connery, but the author of the novel "Dr. No" Ian Fleming until the last days insisted that he represented a very different Bond.

On the role of the protagonist Jack Scully in "Avatar" were tried just two stars - Matt Damon and Jake Gyllenhaal. Damon could not be removed because of the tight schedule, and Gyllenhaal chose "Prince of Persia". It was all on hand then unknown Sam Worthington.

A Bette Davis once gave up the role of Scarlett O'Hara in the legendary "Gone With the Wind." The actress thought that the role of Rhett Buttler will perform hated her Errol Flynn, whom she refused to appear before. The fate of the role we all known Scarlett.

Kevin Costner rejected the role of Bill in both parts of "Kill Bill". Instead, the actor began directing the film "Open Range," which I have never before heard. The role of the Bill was an excellent opportunity for Costner to return to the great movie and reassert itself, but it turned out how it happened.


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