Taylor Momsen Style

I live in his black make-up play - once said Taylor Momsen. It seems that the popular actresses, singers and models like it very much and it is not going to change anything. Let's see how she came to this life and in the conversion of cute little girls in the current gothic creature.

2000 - Cindy Taylor played in the Oscar-winning fantasy of Ron Howard's "How the Grinch - Stole Christmas."

Charming cute blue-eyed baby! The girl was growing up, but her style was still a baby dollars.








But in 2008, it happened! At dinner YSL, in honor of the TV series "Gossip Girl," Momsen appeared with a heavy black makeup on the eyes and a leather jacket.

And away we go! Since then, she does not leave the hair iron and black eyeshadow. Though sometimes it can be so:

And now this:

But more often it appears as a young rebel, black matte leather, makeup style goth, gloomy colors in clothing.

Although it brought a positive result. John Galliano has entrusted the young actress of her new perfume ad, Madonna requested to submit debut fashion collection of Lourdes, and an invitation from the organizers of fashion shows Taylor is not deprived.


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