Donald Pettit, Professor of Space pictures (11 photos)

Obsession. This word can fully characterize the Don. And equally, for whatever he undertook. Behind him, three flight to the ISS. And with each of them he brought a huge amount of photos.

Favorite place Don - «Cupola». And so he is preparing for the upcoming work and still have time to remove himself. From «Cupola» very interesting review. Still - seven portholes. Impression - leaned to his waist in the open space. And a lot of shots from both him and the module itself.

«Cupola». Workspace equipment and enough for everyone.

The boys crew "Soyuz TMA-18" a week before his return to Earth. Outside «Cupola» like the tower battle machine. A cover windows - armor from meteorites.

The picture with the infrared camera. 180mm lens.

The same island after 6 seconds. And 180mm lens. And another camera - Nikon D2Hs. In terms of performance, should be plain, hung next to another, ordinary, and change them from time to time. But a free chamber must be attached to not accidentally flew away. And this time.


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