The history of the life and death of Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Brandis died early, but had to leave behind a great creative work and an army of admirers around the world.

His film career began when Brandeis was five: first, the boy appeared in commercials and then got the role in the television series "One Life". At age 14, Jonathan got his first starring role in "The Neverending Story 2," which has become famous thanks. Also acting career Jonathan has a role in the movie "It" staged on the novel by Stephen King. Fame and the adoration of millions of fans Brandeis for his role in Steven Spielberg's television series "Underwater Odyssey". For this work he was awarded the award for best young actor.

In general, and generally to observers from the outside, his life was successful: a favorite child, prospects, excellent education. As a teenager, he seriously carried away by not only acting, but the director's work. He directed several films with his friends in the lead roles in the home video camera. The actor starred not only productive, but also to write their own scripts. Fans adored him, and he answered them in kind. With all he was very tactful and polite.

Stills from the film "Boys hit" Chuck Norris:

By the way, Jonathan could play Anakin Skywalker, but Hayden Christensen beat him.

But at some point, everything changed. To survive in the world of show business, you should first build up a thick skin. But not everyone succeeds. Especially those who fall into the show business at an early age. Within a few years of successful guy, pet American girls (and not only), Jonathan became a complicated young man. He is addicted to alcohol, depressed, lost contact with reality. So far it is not known what caused the tragedy.

Perhaps it was the increased ambitions that are not being met. Perhaps it was the desire to "punish" others for something that is not appreciated, did not notice. Many child actors are similar fate. First enchanting success, well then, an adult and a hard life.

Another source called the cause of the tragedy unhappy love. Supposedly it has rejected a certain dark-skinned girl Tania.

Anyway, just I could say only the Jonathan, had he lived. When it then and was left a suicide note ...

Who knows if he will not stay alone with my thoughts, everything would have happened had he wanted to. The film «The Slainesville Boys» filmed in 2003 - would be his directorial debut. Brandis committed suicide six months before the premiere.

"The worst thing I can imagine - it's the actor who plays somewhat mediocre. I am very afraid of myself to be mediocre ... »


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