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"The Lord of the Rings" Peter Jackson - one of the most famous movie trilogy in the world. It is hardly inferior to some other films on the scale, expensive, the number of "Oscars" and the number of fans around the world, because such an epic spectacle hardly anyone can be indifferent (although some of them do not stand a three-hour twists in the plot). Speaking of fans: the total fees for all the films of the trilogy are about 3 billion. Dollars, and it will not huhry-muhry, given the fact that the films were released in rent in the early 2000s. Waiting for the prequel trilogy, which will be called "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" and will appear on the big screens of our vast country in December of this year, I propose to recall the shooting took place as the epic "Lord of the Rings" - the most interesting photos to your attention!

Filming the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" borrowed from its creators as much, and as much as 7 years old, but the thing is that all three films were shot simultaneously and shooting led 6 crews. In general, the figures relating to these films are impressive: for the time of the shooting was spent about 900 km of the film; 48000 was used armor, axes and swords; crew generally consisted of about 3,000 people, and breakfast the three thousand eggs daily fed 1460 (who had one-isel); duration of titles in the extended version of "Fellowship of the Ring" is 30 minutes - one-third of the normal average timing of the film.

Trilogy has brought 200 million. Dollars the New Zealand economy (and this is where the shooting took place). There was even created a special ministry - it explored the opportunities offered by the country filming movies.

The same director of all three paintings were Peter Jackson. On all movies, Peter worked in tandem with his wife, Frances Walsh, which was co-produced the film trilogy and wrote to her script.

One of the most vivid characters in the trilogy - is Gandalf Ian McKellen played.

Growth scenario Gandalf 210 cm, and the growth of the hobbits from 90 to 120 cm. To create such a significant difference, Gandalf always placed closer to the camera than the actor-hobbits.

When the scene of the battle and Gendolfa Barloga (that strange creature resembling a dragon), partner McKellen was a tennis ball. By the way, the tennis ball is often used in the film industry - for example, on the set of "Harry Potter" he replaced elf Dobby, who was then inserted into the frame with the help of computer graphics.

Filming a scene where fraternity is mourning the death of Gandalf, passed before the actor met with Ian McKellen and first saw him in the costume of his character. Probably, they had to give everything to the full, to realistically play sorrow for the man they had never seen. Here it is, the power of acting talent)

On the role of the main hobbit Frodo auditioned Jake Gyllenhaal and Dominic Monaghan, who eventually won the role of Merry, Frodo and the image on the screen embodied Elijah Wood.

Billy Boyd (who played Pippin) and Dominic Monaghan performed on Treebeard (something funny living tree) so long that they do not even filmed there for lunch and breaks. And between kinodublyami they even had time to write a screenplay on it to one of their projects. By the way, the height of the tree was about 4.5 meters.

For the role of Sam actor Sean Astin recovered 14 kg, and Dominic Monaghan wore a special suit of foam to be thicker.

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