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It is no secret that many celebrities are also writers (some of the reviewers in some talk show gave a very precise definition - pisun). In most cases, the literary heritage of the artists are memoirs, but some write novels, stories, poems ... I have already written somewhere that the system create netlenki from celebrities built on the exploitation of so-called kniggerov - Book of Negroes, ie, professional writers who sculpt work on behalf of the stars. To write a book of memoirs that thousands of fans will be perceived as a genuine revelation of his idol, kniggeru enough to talk with the star couple of times. But sometimes they are false so that even the most devoted fans stars agree that it would be better she (star) can not join the ranks of writers. Books of these comrades have been criticized and had no commercial success

1. McCauley Culkin (default believe it was him, although, in fact, most likely over the product worked kniggery) somehow pile novel called Junior. In it, he tried to describe the problems of children, which falls the burden of fame, but it was done as a messy and clumsy. Plus the name of persistent association with the comedy, where Arnold Schwarzenegger went pregnant

2. What will happen when the ex-husband of Demi Moore and Charlie Sheen's father unite? Will sentimental story about the relationship of children and parents. From the book Along the way, you can draw only one useful fact - that Emilio Estevez brother Charlie Sheen. Personally, I did not know this before

3. Nicole Richie "The Truth About Diamonds." On the cover of this epic of being in the world of show business flaunts itself Nicole. The book was a lot of reviews, and the meaning of the majority came down to the fact that the novel - Dummy

4. A Britney Spears reunited with her mother Lynne to write a book Heart to heart. Psevdosentimentalnost and pathos in many moments spoiled good, in general, memoirs

5. Pamela Anderson to try himself as the creator of women's novels, writing a romance novel "Star". It country girl comes to Hollywood and becomes a celebrity, having, as usual, through a series of tests. Pamela stated that the book is not autobiographical, but at the same time put yourself, your favorite, on the cover

6. Knowing Paris Hilton, it would be foolish to expect from her epic social drama or chilling horror. Blonde wrote the book Confession of the Heiress, which are mixed all - childhood memories, reasoning about how it's cool to have a happy family, thinking about the relationship between men and women and so

7. The Autobiography of David Hasselhoff, known to a wide audience only in the role of a muscular lifeguard in "Baywatch» - Making the Wawes, impressed only the most loyal fans of the series


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