Eligible bachelor

The bride, we have been told, and talk about the groom

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter. 36 years old, never married, not gay, that at the present time is quite highly regarded among affluent men. Status Dorsey is estimated at 1.1 billion rubles, not

Eduardo Saverin, the founder and director of Facebook. Do not be fooled his simple-kind, this guy has a capital of 2.2 billion. Dollars!

Prince Harry. Here without comment. Even if he was naked, like a falcon, August upbringing and unfading charm of 28-year-old prince make it a desirable bride, let alone the capital of his late mother, Princess Diana, it adds even more points

Prince Azim. And Mariah Carey, and the elderly are happy to society grisettes 30-year-old heir to the throne of Brunei, which rings in the bank 5 billion (!) USD

Patrick Schwarzenegger. In addition to the $ 400 million "pocket" and the famous bride-law Patrick get even well-mannered fiancé model looks

Andrew Lauren, producer, son of fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Capital family of Lauren is estimated at more than 7.5 billion. In addition, his choice will always be provided with the most fashionable little things

Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimming champion. While his official capital is modest compared with previous suitors - 3 million only, but the swimmer has signed a promotional contract with a dozen well-known brands, so its earnings will soon increase significantly. Besides, the enviable groom pretty face and perfect body - is not a bonus

Jack Nicholson. Do not rush to write him off, because in a recent interview, the actor said that finally ripe for marriage. Thousands of middle-aged ladies already packing their bags ...

Another prince - Philippos, Greek and Danish prince. Its dowry are busy just two royal families

The youngest billionaire in the world - Albert von Thurn-Taxis, German Crown Prince. His net worth is estimated at half a billion, and his sister Elizabeth is the ranking of the most enviable bride


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