Jessica Alba revelation of Himself

The name of this girl known around the world. She is a talented actress, a beautiful woman, a successful businesswoman, but first and foremost a loving wife and mother. Around her guests do not go dirty rumors and gossip and other nonsense bypass its side. In spite of the complete absence of black PR, without which many of the individual and not included in the show business, honey Jessica has not lost its popularity.

Belle had grown accustomed to the established around her stereotype of "white and fluffy", because neither of numerous novels, no high-profile divorces, no sharp statements from it will not wait. And it is not because it is such a "sissy", but because she had arranged her personal life, and extra attention to her or her family, to anything. The family at the moment her main priority, but about what she actually - a strong, purposeful, passionate and confident - she gladly said in an interview, as well as giving advice to other girls that wanted to be the same and achieve the same .

Interesting facts about Jessica - here.

Cinema - a refuge for restless.

Before, I was trying to assert itself aggressively in what came to work and was always dissatisfied with something. I tried to do more than that demanded of me, and convince everyone that I'm really able to be disciplined. And now I'm relaxed and very often think to myself: "God be with him - I hope everything will turn out well!".

Funny, but I never talked to their peers. I went everywhere with her mother and loved chatting with her friends. In 13 years, I have starred in his first TV show and stopped going to school - there was no time. She studied individually with the teacher. Everything around me felt sorry for "poor. School years - wonderful. In high school, all the fun. "Well, I listened, listened and decided to go with his cousins ​​to parties. So what? Nothing interesting! Dancing obzhimantsy and strumming the guitar. And as soon as the time is not sorry! Swallow ecstasy and meet the guys who learn three chords on the guitar and imagine themselves to be cool? It's not for me.

I always do some silly things. And I'm awfully clumsy! I once pinched the head of the car door. He climbed into the car, I forgot the outside of his head and slammed the door! This is a movie I play a very collected and responsible people, but in real life I do not like that!

I'm quite clumsy in my life, much more cumbersome than it should be. So on set I was not even fun to hide his awkwardness, and put it on display. I usually try to look calm and confident, as if I were a superhero and all that. In fact, I often behave stupidly, if I want to just have fun.

I consider myself a woman. The difference between a girl and a woman in the degree of responsibility for their actions. Girls may be stupid, thoughtless and careless, and I'm thoughtful and reflective. I can sometimes be fooled, but this part of my public usually does not see. I think that could be a comedienne, but really close people see this part of me.

I grew up in a very conservative environment, but she has always maintained a very liberal. And that led to all the horror! Our family has a video archive, where I was five years old and I call myself a feminist. We stand in line at Disneyland, and I'm with her strong southern accent says: "I am a feminist! Women rule the world! I will never depend on a man! »

I know how to ride a motorcycle and can hold his own in a fight. I'm not trained in vain during the filming of the series "Dark Angel." You know, even when working with stunt (sometimes because they are addicted to) all the time you need to be alert, because there is a chance to get on the head at the precise moment when you least expect it.

I can not say exactly who I was by nationality. I am a girl from nowhere.

I was given a book, very popular. Such a huge blue where have all the answers - believe it or not. It is written about every day. For example, it turns out, I was born on the day of resistance. Yet it says that my weaknesses - superficial and therefore inexcusable, and about the fact that I do not allow people to be weak. And my strength is that I'm hard as a rock - trustworthy. Yes, and here's another - though I like to compete. And it's all true, can you imagine!

I am able to do a barbecue, a lot of experimenting. For example, recently I cooked chicken, and, frankly, it is not very turned out. But three weeks ago I made lamb chops and they were great. Once I get a cool lasagna, I can cook a great Christmas dinner. I cook since childhood. How many can remember, always revolved around adults in the kitchen helping my mother or my grandmother.

Flirt - a great thing. And I'm sure the girl has to be a lot of fans, then it will be ready for adult life and adult relationships. Otherwise, you may be badly burned.

Guys easy to manage. You enough to wear something poseksualnee. In this respect, they are stupid.

I can be sarcastic with guys. The quiet girl good girl who is rarely needed.

I like strong, confident men. I do not want alcoholics, drug addicts, the traitors ... My man should be with me and support me. I have found this.

Men prove their love for the family through work, while women take care of home and children.

Pledge of good relations besides the love - the ability to discuss issues.

Before the birth of my first daughter's personal life did not come to the fore. Now it's all about her.

Children are very sensitive to the mood of the parents, and the more you worry, the more it acts on them. But I understand perfectly Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin when they rush with fists on human tychuschego camera in the face of their children.

I do not want to associate with the role of an actress, I want to be a mom, and I want to be the best for his family. I feel that all moms aspire to this.

Loyalty tested by time. For me, loyalty to be open and loving people that you value, regardless of whether they can offer you.

If you start to consider themselves perfect, the development of this stops.

If you go with head high altitude, and you're sure to be happy, everything else does not matter. Confidence - it's number one.

In fact, people do not want to see in the title role is not the most beautiful actress, as well as not taking ugly actors in the leading roles. Brad Pitt would be getting $ 20 million for his role, if he was not attractive in appearance.

I want not only to make movies and produce them. And I want to open a restaurant where you can come with dogs and even put them at the table. And I want to make wine, and it means that I will have their own winery.

The best part ... I think for me it will be something more serious than anything we had before. After all, I mainly play the role of light characters.

Interestingly, what has now become a mass ideal of beauty: a bleached blonde with an artificial tan, blue eyes, full lips, a magnificent bust and thin-prehudaya. Or just thin and bare. It is strange that our society has changed so ...

To be honest, I like my body - with all its shortcomings.

The grass on the other side of the street always seems greener.

The main thing to remember that all people - especially. God made us different.


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