8 bright shoots Tonkin

July 12 its 24th anniversary marks Phoebe Tonkin - beautiful, charming and very lucky actress who at 16 still received her first major role. The debut of the young Phoebe held even when otstutstvii minimum screen experience, because the role of the third series of The Little Mermaid «H2O: Just Add Water" looking for just a very beautiful girl. Tonkin came under the description and in three seasons has gathered around him a considerable army of fans. The series about mermaids, of course, not "Friends" and it did not look anything from small to large, but still for the Tonkin he was an excellent start. Now Phoebe involved in the TV series "The Vampire Diaries" and its future spin-off "Ancient».

During his acting career, she has grown into a slim and attractive girl, which has repeatedly appeared on the turns glossy magazines. It is not a model of world renown, and she does not have enough of the original photo shoots to capture the spirit, but something interesting in her luggage still there. Thus, we present the most vivid, creative and unusual birthday girl photo shoot.

Photographer Zanita Morgan, conquered the beauty of the young Australian, named her photo shoot for «Fashion Gone Rogue» (2013) - "Phoebe wins Los Angeles." Aggressive sexy triumphed over the face of an angel.

Thoughtful Phoebe in the journal «Brian Magallones» (2012). A smile graces, but recently a rare Tonkin is in a good mood, or the image of a serious obligation to be a woman with a piercing gaze.

4U - photo shoot for the campaign «Ellery» this year. Fotoshut fans did not like Phoebe their gloom and monotonous, but this is another confirmation of the fact that it may be what the photographer wants.

Photos in a bikini. Just in the period when the mermaid played Phoebe and often shot for magazines is in a bathing suit.

Photos for «YourZenLife» called "unvarnished". Filming took place at home, the actress, and right in her bath. By the way, in an interview with Phoebe said she believes the greatest achievement to date:

I spent 6 weeks as a volunteer in Cambodia, when I was 18 years old. It was the most impulsive decision of all. I booked a trip for 2 weeks prior to departure, and it was the most incredible thing. Life changes with experience. I was alone in a house where 12 people lived, and only 4 of them spoke in English. I returned to Sydney a completely different person with new outlook on life.

Phoebe for the Australian edition of «CLEO». It is the standard model for the image, but still a little photo shoot knocked out of the total number.

Natural beauty, merged with nature. Phoebe in an old photo shoot Caroline Hewson and Al Ford. How old is only known pictures of the Tonkin since she posted the photos on his personal blog without any additional comments.

Phoebe and her partner on the sets of TV series "The Secret Circle", Thomas Dekker, in a photo shoot Tyler Shields. By the way, the show with their participation failed miserably due to low ratings, behind, the third season of "The Vampire Diaries" in which Phoebe and then faded.


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