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The press does not cease - Jennifer Aniston has finally become a mother! Official confirmation of its interesting position yet, but noticeably rounded tummy, who affectionately strokes Jen on the set of the comedy "Without a guilty love" from the beginning of the week, together with deferred until December wedding with Justin Theroux, had the effect of an exploding bomb. For those who do not remember or do not know, she is in her life happened very, very often. Perhaps even more than any other star. And while the media before the end determined whether the pregnant 44-year-old actress, or it's just an illusory deception, we list those who are more likely to announce their pregnancy to the end of this year.

Jennifer Aniston: Just recovered, or is this still happen?

Jennifer Garner is in no hurry to take on new projects, because small breaks between filming, she gives birth to heirs and heiresses to Ben Affleck. At 41-year-old actress has three children, but journalists think that this starry couple did not stop and will soon announce a new addition to the family. The argument is - quite recently for a walk with their children, Jennifer showed suspiciously large tummy. The ideal wife and mother - that she was "Oscar-winning role of" Jennifer.

Seraphina Affleck and Samuel for a walk with a potential mother-heroine Jennifer Garner:

Unexpectedly Johnny Depp began his love to carry the trophy to all the cities and countries. At the premiere of "The Lone Ranger" Amber Heard does not appear, but behind the scenes the heat to communicate with children of the actor. Rumor has it that this is what Johnny prepare his sweetheart for the future, which definitely have their place of general kids. Sama Amber, which can not solve the dilemma with whom she still be - with Johnny or Tasya Van Ree, seems not to seventh heaven head boyfriend and soon the birth of the child (if the pregnancy takes place).

Amber Heard, Lily-Rose Melody Depp and Jack Depp at the airport in Narita (Japan):

Kerry Washington went into hiding. The actress, who recently secretly married, scrambles to hide the pregnancy. She plans not to appear in public all summer and ask the creators of the series "Scandal", in which she is currently shooting, enter the pregnancy of her character in the script. Since the sources said, confident that the personal life of Kerry will not be made public in the next couple of months.

His marriage proposal Adam Levine drew attention to the person Behati Prinsloo. Angel, which he threw a couple of months ago, and now boasts of a wedding ring on all kinds of talk shows. It is said that the engagement - a necessary measure because Behati pregnant. Otherwise, their reunion after a hot vacation Adam and model Nina Agdal is impossible to explain.

British supermodel Kate Moss, which next year will celebrate the anniversary (40 years), can make a gift to yourself and your current husband Jamie Hince, after giving birth to her second child for himself and for his firstborn.

Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson, her husband a great time on his yacht in St. Tropez, but even in the open sea of ​​paparazzi manage to photograph them. Recently in the leaked images, which can be done one of two conclusions: either Uma did not come in shape after the last birth (after all, not a girl, 43 years old and gave birth to the third crumb recently), or Thurman once again in the position of (the truth in some photos she smoked, partly refutes the conjecture).


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