Chetvernyashki - out! New York, Central Park

For his next drawing American band mobbers and performers «Improv Everywhere» flooded the Central Park of New York eight groups of four absolutely identical bliznetsov.

Of course, all participants in each group were dressed alike - down to small accessories, and all of them were instructed in advance how to behave.

Some sat on a bench, four, and some got addicted or approaches on both sides to random prohozhim.

In the end, all participants draw sat along the long alleys, creating an incredible "corridor» .

Most visitors to the park to admit that it was the strangest sight of what they have seen in their lives. See also: A resident of Brazil raises his eyes from their sockets 95% 27-year-old girl with Rotate stops living a normal life. The oldest person in the world was 256 years old. 95-year-old Chinese woman, six days after the death got out of the coffin. The smallest man found in the Nepalese village. A resident of Britain is recognized as the fattest man in the world.



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