Noise from aircraft

Residents of areas where there is a high level of noise from airplanes, are in danger: they face a heart attack or stroke. This was stated by the staff at Imperial College London.

Conclusion of scientists based on health surveillance 3 million 600 thousand. Volunteers living close to Heathrow Airport. It was found that the risk of becoming a victim of an attack in their 10-20% higher than that of people in other areas.
The specialists do not undertake to say that the only noise is the cause cardiovascular problems, there are other factors (smoking, physical inactivity and unhealthy diet), so that no additional studies are not necessary. "We have not been able to figure out why the noise of airplanes affects health. Perhaps this is due to an increase in blood pressure or sleep disorders. A sudden loud noise scares people, and this affects the pressure and provokes the development of dangerous diseases, "- says study author Anna Hensell.

"We intend to take drastic measures to combat noise airplanes and we hope to be reduced by introducing the use of quieter aircraft. We also offer nearby residents to install double glazed windows ", - concluded the representative Heathrow Matt Gorman.



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