Museum and stadium Meazza

Stadium "Giuseppe Meazza", also known as "San Siro" - is the home stadium of football clubs Inter and Milan. Today we go to the heart of the museum and the stadium will walk in his arena when nobody is there. Historic photos of old trains.

Cups teams.

Ball, who played in the cult games. Date and expense.


The museum has many sculptures players play in the like Milan and Inter.

Mike Shevchenko when he played for AC Milan.

Well, we will be with you the unique opportunity to get to the stadium sidelines. I've come to the empty stadium, but it was usually on the day of the game, before the game. And some services (security, lighting, maintenance staff) on it were. And then quite empty, a huge stadium.

Only team to care for coating work. This machine shrinkage grass. All this wagon moves slowly across the field, planting grass. She puts the already overgrown with grass.

And where are planted seeds raid pigeons.

Sower. Here in this place someone podkatik did wiped grass, we must sow bald spots.

What is curious, then you can pass freely from the usual sector in VIP. During the game on these stairs stands guard. On most stadiums in the VIP sector through the platform can not come through.

In vipov leather seats.

And monitors.

Main camera. Generally when you see the match on TV all kinds of boxes at the top of the camera that are standing there. On all channels, in Germany, in Russia, in America, where else, this picture is from the same camera. Not that every channel here puts his. Its an organizer and take a picture with her all the channels. There are two cameras, they just overlap. That there were no breaks. And in the commentary sit different commentators from different channels, their producers and operators of installation. Collect the ether and sent via satellite to his home studio where it all and leave you in the telly.

Accordingly, all communications software.

Inter dressing room. Well, everything is simple.

Whether it muddied Senor Berlusconi for his Milan. Leather seats for each player separately.



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