Super-yacht by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid in collaboration with renowned shipbuilders Bureau presented a draft design of 6 different superyachts. London architect simulated 128-foot yacht, which served as a model for the 5 smaller luxury yachts up to 90 meters.

For each vessel developed a unique design that emphasizes "if woven network of support devices of varying thickness and gives the natural beauty of the ship, recalling details of their marine animals.

The first of five 90-foot yacht named "Jazz" combines creative vision Hadid with the technical knowledge of the famous shipbuilding Bureau.

At that time, as the body is one-piece construction, the upper deck of a luxury vessel boasts ekszoskeletalnym design.

Each of the four yachts will have a recognizable style, though they are made by a unique design according to the requirements of wealthy owners.

"Since the boat is a dynamic object in a dynamic environment, its design should include to be not only beautiful in appearance, but also functional. Each yacht is an engineering platform that connects the hydrodynamic and architectural requirements with the highest level of comfort, spaciousness and safety & quot ;, says Hadid.



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