A great way to protect your number by car

Excellent and inexpensive way to protect your car number
Because of the frequent cases of theft of license plates for ransom, car owners have to solve this problem and look for an inexpensive way to protect their license plates.

Solution for 100 rubles

As always all ingenious easy - just go to the nearest market or building furniture store and buy the conventional bolts with a smooth cap, plus nuts and washers. The price set in the front and rear bumper will cost you no more than a hundred rubles (not including removal and installation of bumpers).

The main problem of all the above decisions - that number or frame holds nothing inside, so it is fairly easy to pull out, "meat" of a bumper or tailgate. In this case, mount and frame number should be through by drilling (alas!) The appropriate item. However, aesthetics does not suffer - the holes will not be visible, and if it is a metal piece, the hole can be treated with anti-corrosive paste.

1. Holders of certain machines is enough to drive the car on a lift, we had to remove the rear bumper.

2. However, this has its advantages - installation bolts will not take more than 5 minutes.

3. Drill through holes in the bumper.

4. Fix the frame.

5. Set the number and bolts.

6. Put the washers and tighten the screws on the reverse side. You can install the washer of any size - even 12-14 mm will be enough to stay was not easy.

7. Install the bumper into place - ready!



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