Photos from National Geographic

The most famous pictures from the National Geographic
The first issue of National Geographic magazine came out in 1888. Since then he has got more than 60 million readers around the world, a private television channel and website. Publications magazine invariably accompanied by unique photographs, many of which are winning prizes at prestigious competitions.

This photo made in 1906 by George sirasa - the first who began to shoot wild life at night. It depicts a demonstration on Lake Michigan in his new enhancements: Stand for the camera with a raised torch and flash

In 1913, Peru Hiram Bingham III climbed a high mountain to the top to take a picture of Machu Picchu. Studies of this mythical city of the ancient Inca civilization Bingham worked from 1912 to 1915

Rider throws a coin in the parking lot, which is going to leave his pony, 1939 Texas

This is probably the most famous photos National Geographic. Steve Mc Kari took a picture of an Afghan girl in a refugee camp in Pakistan in 1984. No one has seen in the picture is nothing special, until a publisher almost accidentally pulled it out of the pack and put on the cover of the June issue of 1985

Chimpanzee named Lou Lou pulls a paw to Dr. Jane Goodall, a zoo Republic of the Congo, 1990

Camels are looking for food and water in the south of Kuwait, while above them hung the black clouds from the burning oil. Photographed by Steve Mc Curry in 1991, during the Gulf War

Angry mob protesting against high food prices at the stalls, selling bread in Giza (Egypt). Picture taken in 2008, stands in the background Great Pyramid

Two Israeli girls at the Dead Sea. The picture was taken in 2009



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