The illusion of freedom

 - Look - Pharaoh said to the priests - long lines at the bottom of chained slaves carry one stone. Their guards many soldiers. The more slaves, the better for the state - as we have always believed. But the more slaves, the more they have to fear rebellion. We are strengthening security. We have to feed their slaves well, otherwise they will not be able to do hard physical work. But they - still, lazy and prone to rebellion ...

- See how they move slowly and lazy guards do not drive their whips and beats, even healthy and strong slaves. However, they would move faster. They will not need a guardian. The guards also become slaves. Like you can accomplish. Let today before sunset heralds smash decree of Pharaoh, which will be said: "With the dawn of a new day, all slaves granted complete freedom. For each stone delivered to the city, free person will receive one coin. Coins can be exchanged for food, clothing, housing, the palace in the city and the city itself. From now on you - free people. "... The next morning, the priests and Pharaoh again went to the site of artificial mountains. The picture appears their eyes, is amazing. Thousands of people, former slaves, race dragging the same stones as before. Sweating, many carrying two stones. Others, who had one, running, kicking up dust. Some guards also dragged stones. People who considered themselves free - because with them removed the shackles, tried to get as much coveted coins to build a happy life.

Kratom a few months spent on the platform, with satisfaction watching the scene below.

A change was enormous. Part slaves united in small groups, built carts and loaded the brim stones, sweating, pushing these trucks. - They have invented many devices - with satisfaction thought to myself Kratom - now and domestic services were: hawkers food and water ... Soon will choose a captain, and judges. Let purchased: they, in fact, consider themselves to be free, but the essence - has not changed, they are still, hauling stones ...


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