Space August 2013

At that time, like ordinary people, in the majority, had a rest last summer month, continued to plow space satellites, rockets and other bodies. Let's see together what interesting happened in the last calendar month of the summer.

Two unusual luminous star in the Large Magellanic Cloud has fixed the telescope of the European Southern Observatory.

Space Truck "Kunotori" is sent with the cargo to the ISS. Tanegashima spaceport, August 4.

On board the truck was a robot kirobo.

Arriving at the place.

The launch military satellite WGS-6 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA, August 7.

The new team of NASA astronauts on the background of the layout of the capsule "Orion". This is the first in team history, where women outnumber men.

Smiley the Sun was made on August 21, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. The dark spots on the surface of the world - coronal holes.

Astronaut Rick Mastracchio training in Star City, August 7. In November this year, Rick travel to the ISS.

There, in the Star (left to right): Michael Hopkins, Oleg Kotov Sergei Ryazan. They get to the ISS in September.

The edge of a frozen crater in the northern hemisphere of Mars. Photographed Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and published August 21.

Luxurious combination of aurora and the shadows of clouds in the sky over the river Yukon, Canada. Picture taken on the night of 15 August 16.

Snapshot California fires from space, August 23.

Hunters Perseids in the Canary Islands on 12 August.

The fall of a meteor on the background of the Milky Way, Wyoming, USA.

Misurkin Alexander (pictured) and Fyodor Yurchikhin stayed during the planned work in the open space of about six hours of August 22.

Hexagon storms near the north pole of Saturn.

Full Moon sits in the sky over Portland, Oregon, USA, August 21.

Clash of large spiral galaxy and a dwarf at a distance of about 60 million light-years from Earth.

The combined picture of the eclipse of the Sun by Phobos. Photographed rover «Curiosity» within three seconds August 17.

This is all. See you next month.


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