Object creation P.U.T.I.N from the federal budget allocated 1 billion. Rubles

This picture is spread throughout the Russian Internet. If you think that it was created in Photoshop - you're wrong, because it is absolutely real :)

In fact, it's true. Penza universal Technopark innovative nanotechnology (Putin) will be commissioned in September 2013.
"The level of readiness of the object is about 98%. There are some minor deficiencies which will eliminate the builders. " The new industrial park will unite in their areas of companies operating in the sphere of high technologies.
Commenting on the name of the new industrial park on the building which is an inscription "Penza Universal Technopark Innovative Nanotechnology", and uppercase letters are read as well as the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Valeri Bespalov said that "coincidence┬╗.
"The idea [name Technopark] about six months ago, the governor announced, and it has been implemented," - said Valery Bespalov.
Penza region is one of the 12 regions included in the comprehensive program "Creation of technology parks in the Russian Federation in the field of high technology." According to the management of innovation policy and special projects of the government of the Penza region, to create an object from the federal budget allocated 1 billion. 149 million. Rubles.


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