Day in Photos, February 15, 2011

This day was a day of remembrance, and with different religions and in completely different states. Yet there were many demonstrations. It seems that Egypt "has got" the entire planet.

In English, the snowdrops blossomed Uinborn Minster. Most would spring.

Horse decided to become famous, looking out from his stall in the stables on the outskirts of the Chinese city of Tianjin.

Cormorant dries its wings in the northwest of Spain.

Seagulls are fighting for a piece of bread in the sky Czech Prague.

Chinese girls having dinner in a restaurant in Beijing.

Cadets Cossack school named after General Yermolov in Stavropol prepare their own gruel.

All the "beauty" and "purity" of the air of St. Petersburg in a single frame.

Lebanese, a member of the Sufi Muslim community struck cheeks needle in honor of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

Malaysian Muslims marked the day parading through the streets of the city of Putrajaya.

Tibetan monks have now also one of the most significant events - the Great Prayer Festival.

Today, exactly in '22 after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. 10-year-old war, which led to nothing, has claimed many lives.

Symbolic inscription at the house of the Afghan clothes. The history of the emergence of these clothes had.

In Antarctica, it was established a memorial in memory of the dead passenger plane crashed into a mountain Erebus 32 years ago.

Japanese students indulged in the snow of one of the courts in Tokyo.

Hong Kong residents strolling along the promenade misty Victoria Harbour.

Traffic on Cairo's Tahrir Square is fully restored.

Now mess moved north to Alexandria (Egypt).

In Somalia, government forces dispersed the demonstrators by shooting in the capital.

In South Africa, act similarly to those who need to improve housing conditions. However, in South Africa, "humanely" shoot rubber bullets.

Greek passenger walking on a deserted metro station in Athens. Transport workers staged a one-day strike in connection with the reforms that are not supported by the rank and file employees.

Trams Brussels today, also went to the line, due to the strike of workers of depot.

In Kosovo, have been protesting against the EU's decision not to renew a trade agreement with autonomy. The introduction of strict visa regime is clearly not like the Kosovars.

Iraqi women are demanding from the government to create new jobs.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy during a meeting with industrialists shows where you need to go to those who do not understand what the president says.

He became known for the last member of the team of the current British Prime Minister David Cameron. Meet his name is Larry.

Polo match between the teams on the snow of Australia and Argentina in the tournament «Asia Snow Polo» in the Chinese city of Tianjin.

Today in London was officially published schedule next year's Olympic Games - 2012. Notice how much are tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies.

42-year-old Thai Akekachay Tiranarat and his 31-year-old husband Raksana posing with a certificate certifying that they have set a world record for the duration of a kiss - 46 hours 24 minutes and 9 seconds! Just setting the record involved 14 pairs.

Vice-president of Japanese automaker Nissan Motors Takao Katagiri introduced a new car Moco in Yokohama showroom.

In Rome, the presentation of a new luxury car - De Tomaso SLC.

Wash Sambadrome carnival eve of the most ambitious in the world (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

The Roman Museum «Chiostro Del Bramante» held a press screening of photographs by Karl Lagerfeld.

Rehearsal restored once again the project Take That on the eve of the ceremony «Brit Awards - 2011».

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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