Sculptures made of wood (18 photos)

In Simferopol living master who does amazing things out of tree trunks.
The city is literally strewn with wooden statues that have accumulated over the past 5-6 years.

Girl-photographer near photo-shop on the street. Pavlenko

This Satyr (or Bacchus?)

Winemaker near a liquor store in the same place on Pavlenko

Pegasus near the medical school on the street. Karl Marx - he regularly break the wings and stained with different body parts

A stork is near the center of women's health at Zhelyabova

What a strange tape on Zhelyabova

One of the most flimsy sculptures - gonna

Eagle Street. Gorky

Little man (one of the first sculptures in the city) to Tolstoy

This is clearly someone specially commissioned sculpture instead of advertising pointer

The largest concentration of sculptures - on Lenin Boulevard near the railway station

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