Madness Mark Jenkins (Mark Jenkins) continues

Street artist and sculptor continues to create sculptures in the streets and in the galleries, from which, if you can not stand the brain, at least it begins to stir :) And this is no exaggeration - see for yourself.

If you remember, last year we introduced you to the work of Mark Jenkins (Mark Jenkins). Since then, it took more than six months and a master in the portfolio considerably Submit. In addition, the sculptures that were exhibited in galleries in the past the material did not attend. It's time to show all the new and unpublished "old". Quotes are quite appropriate, considering how long it has been the work of Mark. Himself Americans believes that the concept of street art have become too blurred, because the artists are real brands and real trademarks or masked by means of these artists, or simply try to imitate the classic advertising street art. Golf games consistently - only change the rules. Now, satirical hooliganism Brand is not only in the Americas, but also in Poland, Italy and even in the Middle East.


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