The largest natural arch of the planet

The natural arch - a geological formations that are prone to degradation by water or air masses. The most famous of them are in North America and Asia.

These arches are called natural bridge, although not always possible to navigate through these bridges unhindered. The world's largest natural arch bridge is considered fairies Syanren in northwest China, which span is 120 meters. The bridge became world famous a couple of years ago, thanks to satellite imagery.

Landscape Arch is located in the national park «Arches National Park», in the territory of the State of Utah, USA. It is one of the oldest and stored loops at end of life. The thinnest part of the "bridge" is only 1, 8 meters. Therefore, it is possible that very soon the arch will cease to exist. The length of the arch 63 meters.

Kolob Arch is also located in the United States in the national park «Zion» and only a meter less than the previous arch. Because of its inaccessibility has long been considered the world's largest.

COMPLAINTS arch located on the African continent, Chad is one of the most impressive. Included in the Ennedi massif surrounded by the Sahara desert. Can not be called a natural arch bridge. However, it deserves the right to get into our rating. Its height - 120 meters, and the span length - 250 meters.

Bridge the morning glory (Morning Glory Bridge) - Another natural building in Utah. However, now in the canyon Negro Bill, is not a natural bridge, but the beauty and singularity location make this an arch of one of the most attractive in the world. Its span length of 74 meters.

Single arch with a waterfall is Tiansheng Qiao in China. This is the main attraction of the area of ​​Guizhou. The length of the arch - 73 meters.

Rainbow Bridge was already on the pages of our magazine. He is considered one of the readily available natural bridges in the world. However, it turns out, even against the introduction into the Guinness Book of Records, the record is not in any height or length.

Worthy of attention as Sipapu Bridge. It is all in the same state of Utah. Previously, it could be seen even from the car window. Now the road is closed, and to pass under the arches of the arch, it is necessary to overcome some distance on foot. Span length - 68, 5 meters, and height - 44 meters.

The world's highest natural arch is Tushuk Tash, located in China. Its height is 365, 7 meters!

Finally, demonstrate the arch from Afghanistan, which is called Hazarchishma. Its height is small - just over 64 meters. But it looks incredibly impressive. However, there is one distinguishing feature. This stone arch is located at an altitude of over 3000 meters, which could give it more than one opportunity to get in the Guinness Book of Records.


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