The winners «National Geographic Photo Contest 2012"

Finally became known winners of the annual competition, which is considered one of the most respected in the world. We hasten to share with you a list of photographers who won in «National Geographic Photo Contest 2012».

Thus, the main prize went to a snapshot, authored by Ashley Vincent (Ashley Vincent). Incidentally, this same photo won in the category "Nature".

First place in the "Places" - Alpine Mountain Matterhorn. Image copyright - Nenad Salich (Nenad Saljic).

Micah Albert (Micah Albert), with his work won in the category "People».

People's Choice Award in the category "Places" - "Hunters of the iceberg" Coish Adam (Adam Coish).

People's Choice Award in the category "People" - "Expedition Amundsen" Kai-Otto Mela (Kai-Otto Melau).

People's Choice Award in the category "Nature" - "tender moment" Bhor Sanjay (Sanjeev Bhor).

Honorary Prize was also shot by Michael Eastman (Michael Eastman) with his fox hunting a mouse.

Another diploma was awarded Kwan Ka Shin, for the demonstration of traditional racing dragons.

By the same token was marked by Wendell Phillips (Wendell Phillips), for his photo "Prisoner».

There also Jason Chin (Jason Ching) and the brown bear in Alaska.

Finally, two of the winner of the contest - Ulrich Lambert (Ulrich Lambert) and his Sri Lankan fishermen, as well as clouds of fish in the frame Frances Harliyanto (Fransisca Harlijanto).


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