All finalists Photo Contest «Smithsonian magazine»: Part One

Today we are opening you a full gallery of finalists, the number of which is equal to fifty. Photo contest on the edition «Smithsonian magazine» is divided into five main categories. In the first part, we show three of them.

In each category will be presented to ten potential winners. So let's start.

Category «Nature».

David Morrow. "Milky Way Mount Rainier».

Philip Pilkington. "Owlet in the studio».

Vanessa Bartlett. "Visit the zoo in the Bronx».

Colin Pinsky. "Solar Eclipse in New Mexico».

Colin Hutton. "Caterpillar Saturnia Polyphemus».

Bjorn Olesen. "Mom, I'm hungry and here».

Neil Piper. "Penguins in Antarctica».

Nathan Carlsen. "Artificial ice geysers».

Eco Adiyanto. "Ants and seeds».

Dawn Holland. "A pair of bald eagles at table».

The category "Travel».

Zhang Han Huan. "Cleaning of salt in Hanoi».

An in Chieti. "Rice thresholds Vietnam».

Bob Bush. "Lonely acacia in the dunes in Namibia».

Raul Amaru Linares. "Musicians in the bullfight arena in Quito».

Indrani Sengupta. "The festival of Onam».

Dan Hu Hin. "Early in the morning the Chinese Xiao Donchzhao».

Hoang Hai Thinh. "Rice patterns Vietnamese fields».

Daniel Nahabidyan. "Running lights in Chiang Mai».

Jason Hatfield. "Study of the night».

Han Tha. "Ancient Bagan».

Category «People».

Olivier Boels. "The police ran to the crowd of demonstrators in Brasilia».

Ilan Fain. "In a small church Nazareth».

Abhijit Dey. "Evening at the barber».

Alamsiyah Rauf. "Farmers in the collection of salt».

Ahlas Udine. "Celebration in Bangladesh Charak Puja».

Paolo Patruno. "Monthly firstborn 20-year-old Christina».

Pierce Calvert. "Forest Guardians».

Alamsiyah Rauf. "Drying rice under the scorching sun».

Raihan Parvez. "Working refinery».

Sylvain Evodya melam. "Rasta daughter».

In the second part of the article, we will talk about the other two categories.


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