Blooming lupines at Lake Tekapo

New Zealand Lake Tekapo is the second largest in the South Island. This place can truly be called a photographer's dream. Judge for yourself, far seen snow-capped peaks, turquoise water lake and tiny church.

All the more it becomes magical and unreal when November and December are beginning to bloom lupins. They cover substantially all the shore of the lake and make the overall landscape is incredibly colorful and contrasting. Russell Lupin, which grows in the region, is able to reach a height of five feet. The plant is a perennial, so, except for the fallen seeds bloom and old plants. Lupine blooms in different colors: purple, violet, white, orange, yellow, pink and even sometimes two-tone. Russell Lupin was launched in 1950, and it is planted along a nearby highway. Over time, plants are settled for the most part of the area.


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