Features an Indian wedding in the works Après Chavda (Apresh Chavda)

Indian nationality, Après Chavda (Apresh Chavda), long-living and working in the UK. His place of dislocation he calls London, but travels frequently to their activities not only in the country but also in their homes.

Of course, Après Chavda (Apresh Chavda) is not engaged in shooting only Indian weddings. His portfolio of work and a sufficient number of European newlyweds. We would like to emphasize it at weddings, where it marries Indian couple. So interesting and colorful wedding photographer passes Après Chavda (Apresh Chavda) is the coloristic and emotions of his countrymen, it deserves attention. We have prepared for you a selection of images taken at different weddings in different parts of the world. National attributes, thus, is still present. Whether it's Paris or Delhi.

Photo by Apresh Chavda


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