Top 10 most expensive buildings in the world

Today we offer you a look at the Top 10 most expensive buildings in the world. Naturally, we have included only the top ten modern facilities, because they do not even try to estimate the cost of such structures as the Great Wall of China, the Kremlin and the Pyramids of Giza.

Tsindaossky Bay Bridge, China ($ 6 billion)

This bridge has "marked" in our top 10 longest bridges in the world. The characteristics of this grand structure are as follows: length of 42 km and six lanes to traffic. Every day on the bridge passes over 30 thousand cars.

The Large Hadron Collider, Switzerland ($ 6 billion)

Charged particle accelerators designed and created by specialists from three dozen countries. The building has impressive dimensions - length famous main ring accelerator of 26 thousand meters. By the way, the name of the LHC comes from the English verb «collide», which means "face." For beams of particles are accelerated in the collider in opposite directions and collide at designated points.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAN), the US ($ 8 billion)

The pipeline length of 1288 km crosses Alaska from north to south. Tan is one of the world's largest oil and owned by «Alyeska Pipeline Service Company». The construction includes the actual pipeline, 12 pumping stations and a terminal in the US city of Valdez.

The artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates ($ 14 billion)

The construction of the island in the form of palm trees was carried out from 2001 to 2006. Dimensions artificial "Palm" - 5x5 km, and the area - more than 800 football fields. Grand creation of human hands can be seen from Earth's orbit with the naked eye. Today, on an artificial island, there are residential areas, private villas, hotels and a water park.

Big Dig, the United States ($ 14, 8 billion)

The most expensive construction in US history - an 8-lane highway, in the construction of which was attended by 5000 workers. Incidentally, the tunnel is not working, the mobile communication, since an epoxy resin, which are connected by means of a wall, can not withstand the additional weight of the base stations.

Hydroelectric power plant "Three Gorges", China ($ 25 billion)

The world's largest existing power plants located on the Yangtze River near the town of sandouping. In order to take place under a huge reservoir created by the dam at the Chinese government relocated 1, 3 million people elsewhere in the country.

Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant, Brazil / Paraguay ($ 27 billion)

A huge hydropower plant on the Parana River is the global leader in the production of electricity a year. The power plant provides more than 20% of Brazil's electricity needs and about half of the needs of Paraguay. By the way, in 2009 because of an accident at Itaipu for a day without light were more than 50 million Brazilians and almost the entire population of Paraguay.

Al Maktoum International Airport, United Arab Emirates ($ 33 ​​billion)

Dubai Air Gates headed the recently published our Top 5 of the largest airports in the world. Currently, the airport operates only partially, but after all the work this huge complex will pass nearly 160 million passengers a year.

Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong ($ 20 billion)

Most of the airport located on an artificial island, which explains the rather big construction costs. Three airport terminal passed a year nearly 50 million passengers and 4 million tons of cargo.

The International Space Station ($ 157 billion)

In the creation of the ISS attended by 15 countries. The preliminary design of the plant was approved in 1995, and in November 1998, Russia launched into orbit its first element - Functional Cargo Block Zarya. Today ISS - the most expensive building, created humanity in modern history.



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