A man found a treasure worth 100,000 pounds

You've heard the expression "beginners luck", it refers to people starting to get involved in a new hobby.
Brit Wesley Carrington after the first 20th minute trip with a metal detector unearthed a hoard of Roman coins whose total value is estimated at 100,000 pounds.

Yesterday, he jokingly suggested to seek the treasure, and today it is known around the world as the most lucky treasure hunter. Newbie told me that he bought a metal detector in one of the local shops and headed straight for the woods to try myself in a new role.

His initial findings include a spoon and a halfpenny, but then the device has shown that some metal is under the ground. After Wesley started digging and dug a hole depth of about 15 cm, he saw the first coin, and then another 55 Solid - gold coins dating back more than 1,600 years.

Overwhelmed by the experts later returned to the place of discovery and found another 104 coins. They describe the find as "exciting" and having "national significance" .Hartfordshirsky coroner Edward Thomas ruled that the coins will be sent to the British Museum for the formal assessment before will go to auction.


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