Sit on the toilet. Introduction

One blogger made really think about it, and how well it is necessary to sit on the toilet.
And it never occurred to him - sat down and do their business.
And it turns out, there are the rules.

Look, it turns out, people sdizaynirovan so that spravleniya great need he must crouch booty to the ground. So the usual seat on the toilet, as in the picture on the left (the gray man) - non-physiological. We need to sit like the picture on the right (orange man) - with their feet.
It is given a scientific explanation. The fact that the rectum loop covers the pubic-rectal muscles. If the feet are raised enough, the muscles compress the rectum, making it difficult for emptying.

To sit down so you need to substitute a special bench. Here's how this little man. Only cowards do not forget to take pictures. And the newspaper is optional.

Or put at home public toilet type. Scoop the pool can not be installed.

If you sit correctly, then, according to British scientists, you can not avoid constipation, hemorrhoids and other terrible diseases of the large intestine.



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