8 habits of happy people

1. Do not worry about what others think of them
Do not allow negative minded people to influence their health. No matter what these people, all dripping from them like water off a duck. After they firmly know that decent people - not the one who has no flaws, and those who have dignity.

2. Always around see the pros.
Throughout bad has something good. If you can not see the situation in a positive way, such people make it themselves. They do not regret. If it was good, then that's great. And if it was bad, it's experience.

3. Always friendly and grateful
Happy people do not care what you look like or where you come from. All they need to - it's another man next to whom you can laugh and be happy. They are not shy and do not spare a few minutes to ensure that express gratitude to others.

4. Always smiling and positive
"We do not laugh because we're happy; we are happy because we laugh "(William James). Smiles and laughter - an essential feature of happy people. It so happened that the people with whom we spend a lot of time, influence on us and on our perception of the world. The more time we spend with positive mood and optimistic people, the lighter colors will be colored our lives.

5. Living in the present moment
"I experienced many terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened" (Mark Twain). They do not wait for Friday evening, Sunday morning, buying a new car, a new apartment. Do not wait for spring, summer, autumn, winter. For the most horrible mistake - is to think that you live, when in fact you're lying in the storage waiting for life ...

6. Know that not everyone in this world is completely
It's hard to resist the perfectionism, but it is necessary. Everything is good in moderation. Happy people know how to control the desire for perfection. They do not beat yourself up for any inaccuracies or omissions. They take pride in themselves and their achievements. Sometimes, some things do not go as planned, and that's fine. You can not keep everything under control.

7. to contribute to the world around
One of the best ways to feel happy - to change the world. To do this, not necessarily to save the people and stop the tsunami. Just smile at people, to make compliments, help friends, give gifts, etc.

8. Continue to learn
They are curious and eager to learn new things about the world and the people who inhabit it. There is always something that we do not know. Interest in life gives you energy, help to create new ideas that will positively affect the thinking and makes the days more saturated and bright.


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