On earth will be a new giant pyramid?

Designers famous skyscraper "Gazprom-City" in St. Petersburg, it seems, were imitators in Paris. How else to explain the fact that in the center of the French capital are going to build a giant glass pyramid?
This project is called Le Projet Triangle. The pyramid will be built near the exhibition center Porte de Versailles. At least, so it is written in the plans, which recently released the Municipality of Paris.
However, if in St. Petersburg are going to build a building of three hundred meters, the capital of France decided to limit of 180 meters. Even so, the size of the glass pyramid is going to be the third-tallest building in Paris.
The triangular tower Le Projet Triangle will be placed offices, cafes and restaurants, a conference hall, as well as five-star hotel with 400 rooms. The building will be surrounded by parks and gardens. Architects believe that the glass pyramid integrated into the look of the city and become an integral part of it, like the Eiffel Tower.


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