Natural selection. Twenty-first century.

How can improved in recent years, the process of tracking blamed on exams brother! On the one hand, it is understandable struggle for purity assessment of knowledge, but on the other - an attempt on the holy of holies. Written off because at all times. Miracles of ingenuity in this exhibit.
And now it is increasingly difficult to citizens students, prospective students and students. Modern technology is connected. Match packets with the examination tickets radio sensors mold. In case of opening or moving in space. Sami tickets spetssostavom applied special signs that the passage through the copier (colloquially referred to as the copier) turns hellish flames. But the texts themselves examinees checked for plagiarism. And these data are permanently recorded in the computer tablets. This is not the memory of sinful people. Which may fail over time. Or under the influence of financial incentives. Incorruptible computer you will always remember. Well, anyway, for a long time. While not erase.
So it's hard to write off now and do not be caught. Effectiveness of current methods is estimated at 80%. Really impressive. Well, what about the remaining twenty percent is not caught? And this, dear readers, is precisely those people who succeed in this life. Natural selection in action.


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