Serial production of flying saucers

To control plate does not require some significant training and even special rights. The device is also not subject to the restrictions that exist for small aircraft. The company touts it as "cheap personal vehicle to rest." Especially should appeal to "plate" to those who care about the environment. The noise level of the vehicle is only 85 dB at a distance of 15-20 meters - this is 30% less than the aircraft taking off of small aircraft Cessna 150. Motor "plates" works in a mixture of ethanol (70%) and water (30%) that provides a relatively low emissions of NOx, HC, CO2 and CO.

The cost of "plate" will be about $ 90 thousand., And from 2008 it will be able to buy anyone. The device has been tested now adjusted the production of parts. So, ready for six fuselages, the company says it can produce them one day. Interested in buying M200G can reserve a device, and to make him the first installment. As soon as the vehicle will be fully prepared to enter the market, its creators made a presentation in California.

Moller developing flying cars started to practice more than 30 years ago. The first prototype of the "saucer" was built in 1962-1964, respectively, and had only two engines - it could almost come off the ground.


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