How to win a dream or how long otsustvie sleep affects the psyche?

As is well known, a person begins to want to sleep when at a defined gapmon popodaet in kpovi. Just know that pposto not give a person to sleep - such tests the wires, but nedaval person want to sleep, that is ppepyatstvovat occurrence "based narcotic" gapmonov someone ppoboval? If so, what if there are changes in the human psyche? Was there a man who decided to make his life experiment. Including dabbled in it and sleep deprivation. What result? It is no longer with us. Not stand the heart in a situation where a healthy human heart could not refuse. Remember his good word, because

Well, not so never give oaks, the experience is, we know. And the heart is not so much a struggle And this effect.

I myself once had not slept for five days, it was necessary to urgently do one job, and that I would be fired * Mr Ha Nahr second day of deadly sleepy but strong coffee helped overcome sleep.

Ha third day chustvovat only slight fatigue and eyestrain. Incidentally fatigue that bore down, then retreated even felt as if a burst of energy.

Ha the end of the third day began to appear "visual effects" if you can call it, and more particularly a light hallucinations and glitches corner of his eye seemed that some things schevelyatsya, there was a kind of 'ghost'
transparent stains. The colors of the surroundings become more saturated and the black and white image on the monitor started to become colored. Sleep is almost did not want to. In a head start creating a feeling of unreality of what is happening, and sometimes there were moments of the failure of the dream, and the dream that I start to fall asleep, and at the same moment itself through sleep and waking. (type not dream about a dream and not a dream about a dream ... brrr ...)

What else to add, coffee drinking was nemeryannom, but not the heart to refuse, although sometimes the pause between the two strikes hollow muscles dragged to 1.5-2h seconds. But this rarely occurred, and no longer than 30-40 seconds. After all this, I spent a few hours and still could not fall asleep, maybe the coffee still in effect. But only one butalka 'Admiralty' and I barely managed to get to bed.

Then, after 11 hours, I woke up. Fatigue or no impact was not felt.


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