"Queen Victoria" will go the way of "Titanic"

December 10 will go to the swimming intercontinental super-liner "Queen Victoria", owned by the world's most famous cruise company Cunard Line. The grand cruise ship will carry almost two thousand passengers by the same route as the infamous "Titanic" - from the British port of Southampton to New York.

It should be noted that the impressive and passenger "Victoria" - it is only 200 less than that of "Titanic." January 13 "Queen Victoria" will meet in the Atlantic Ocean with the "Queen Mary 2". During its first year, she had been swimming in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and the Norwegian fjords, reports Destinations.Ru.
In autumn 2010, it will be launched 92,000-ton "Queen Elizabeth" - the second largest ship Cunard, second only to the most famous - Queen Mary II.


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