No, not the "Pacman" from the classic computer game, and the real active predator and kannibal.Obitaet Brazil Uruguay and parts of Argentina, as well as terrariumah.Bolshuyu of the time buried in the ground and waiting for prey (zemnovodnye, beetles, worms, birds and rodents). In nature slingshot begin to multiply in the rainy season, which is preceded by the dry season. Within a few months, they can tolerate almost complete drying of the soil. At this time, slingshot fall into a state of near suspended animation. Leather coated with a waxy deposit, which prevents the evaporation of moisture from the body.

The female spawns about 300 eggs, of which two days out tadpoles. They begin to actively feed in 2 days. Tadpoles slingshots same predators, like their parents, and it can eat siblings.


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