Airport Princess Juliana International (20 photos)

In the northern ridge of the Eastern Caribbean islands is the island of St. Maarten (St. Maarten). Its northern part belongs to France and South - Netherlands. During the Second World War on the Dutch side of the island was built airfield, which is now the Princess Juliana International Airport (Princess Juliana International Airport). Currently, he is considered the busiest airport in the Caribbean.

In this regard, which is in close proximity to the airport Maho Beach Resort many was referred to as "the world's best place to observe the aircraft." Plane comes in to land over the sea, fly over the strip of beach, then on the highway, where posted signs warning of very-low-flying aircraft, and immediately hit the runway.

It begins immediately with the small fence. Its length is approximately 2130 meters. For heavy aircraft such as Boeing 747, this is not enough, but another airport, capable to accept larger ships on the island of St. Martin there.

The island is especially lovers of this kind come sights and sensations. However brochures Maho Beach Resort on the plane did not say. The reason is obvious - the tourists are going to stay in paradise, and not to live on the runway, and many neighborhood with noisy airfield becomes the present - and unpleasant - surprise.

The islanders themselves, as they can exploit the situation. Thus, the owners of the bar Sunset Beach using aircraft advertise their institution, arguing that the bar offers the best view of sitting down «Boeing».


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