Most cases of curious animals in 2007

France Press news agency compiled a list of the most bizarre, in the opinion of his colleagues, the case of animals that occurred in 2007.

The Philippine bank alarm went off. Police blocked off all entrances and exits, found inside a stray cat. On the motion of the cat, penetrated to the bank through a tiny hole in the roof, and the sensors react.

Among the winners of the parody "Ig Nobel Prize" for the most absurd scientific discovery turned out to be two groups of scientists have found out that hamsters are easier to tolerate acclimatization, feed them if Viagra, and that rats are not able to distinguish the Dutch spoken backwards from the Japanese phrase.

In Australia, a veterinary clinic brought the cat with dilated pupils and a galloping pulse. It turned out that the cat ate cocaine and other drugs, the rest after the party. The animal survived.

In Sweden, the zoo staff tried to inject pain medication giraffe. The animal has lost consciousness and collapsed on the workers. The director of the zoo suffered a concussion, and the unfortunate giraffe died in the fall.

In Britain urchins - an endangered species: most of the animals are killed under the wheels of cars. However, on the island of South Uist hedgehogs, ruining nests of rare birds, had istreblint. Animal advocates protested a similar attitude to the prickly creatures, so the local authorities began to catch sea urchins live, transported through the Strait and release it.

Tax police of Bangladesh during the anti-corruption raid discovered in the house of the former minister of a huge menagerie of four deer, seven peacocks, ostriches, emus two and many other rare birds.

17-year-old hand-cockatoo two weeks hatched dozen chocolate Easter eggs, until I finally gave up on "younger generation."

In Queensland, the Australian officials have offered to local golfers to practice kicks on cane toads: this species was introduced into Australia and has become a real plague Queensland.

Office of Fisheries of China released into the river 13 tanks with live carp, but with good intentions, as we know, paved road in the stomachs of thousands of residents of the nearest town, which instantly turned downstream and have caught almost all the fish.

In Greece, resourceful shepherd easily taught his flock of sheep to follow his car because of old age could not move around on foot.

The Ohio-fowler hunter was shot in the thigh by his own hunting dogs: a gun lying on the ground the barrel of the hunter and the dog accidentally touched the trigger.

London breeders discovered "canine version of" Avenue of Stars in Los Angeles. However, most of the star names belong to fictional dogs - such as Lassie and Fang from the "Harry Potter".

Maltese named Trouble received $ 12 million under the will of the deceased mistress Hotelier Lyon Helmsley. Soon, the dog had to take away from New York to Florida: its new owners began to receive threats. Hackers threatened to kill newfound millionaire.


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